4 comments on “Two Cents Tuesday: 2010 Olympics

  1. Fav’z:
    Love me some aerial jumping! Un-believable amounts of crazy making right there! 55 ft in the air to hoping the ground is where you left it.

    Love me some snowboarding anything. The half pipe is awesome and takes serious skillz!

    Curling is the jam, especially when we are being blamed for being too loud as fans. Or when a fan is fully painted in red, white, and blue for curling!

    I love short track speed skating. Apollo Ono is so exciting to watch!


    I got so into cross-country skiing! I mean sitting up and yelling at the tv! Who knew that event could be so exciting.

    I watched the bi-athalon where they combine cross-country skiing with target shooting.

    I loved laughing at all the downhill skiers who yard saled all the way down the hill! Haha.

    The games have been so exciting this year!!! Love me some international everything!

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