Fifty Facts

Fifty Facts About Me

1.  I hate wet hair on my back. HATE it. It gives me the heeby-jeebies.

2. I used to play piano…and oboe…and bassoon.

3. Now, I sing. It’s a release for me.

4. I don’t do solos unless I’m in the car.

5. My favorite food, hands-down, is cheesecake.

6. I’m a Diet Coke fanatic. Although, I do have to admit, I’m on a Coke Cherry Zero kick right now.

7. I love reading. I try to read everyday.

8. My favorite theologian is C.S. Lewis but I’m also a fan of G.K. Chesterton. When you can prove God by using fairy tales, like Chesterton does in ‘Orthodoxy’ that’s an instant win.

9. If you include moving dorms in school, I’ve moved 15 times in my life. I’ve had to start completely over 8 times.

10. My last move was in July 2008 and I’m starting to get restless. This is the longest I’ve lived in one building since I was 15.

11. I love dogs- cats, not so much. One day, hopefully in the near future, I’m going to get a dog.

12. I’m obsessed with the UK. Yes, I’m a card-carrying member of AA- Anglophiles Anonymous.

13. I studied there for a semester in college and have been longing to go back ever since.

14. Oddly enough, I feel the most at home in the UK.

15. My favorite music is classic rock. I do have an eclectic taste but classic rock just makes my heart smile.

16. Random facts also make my heart smile.

17. I’m terrible at math. I’d rather write a paper about why I’ll never need to know how to properly use a graphing calculator, imaginary numbers, and matrices than actually do the math itself.

18. I’m a huge fan of wit. Quick come backs from others keeps me on my toes and I can’t get enough of it.

19. I grew up going to camp every summer at Silver Birch Ranch. SBR played a substantial role in creating my foundation in my faith.

20. My favorite TV show is called The Big Bang Theory. It’s incredibly nerdy but so funny. One episode of BBT will make any hard day instantly better.

21. My favorite fiction book is called ‘Atonement’. It’s by Ian McEwan. Yes, there’s a movie about it. No, I haven’t seen it. Books are always better than the movie anyway.

22. I don’t like making blanket statements. This, inevitably, makes choosing favorites very hard (even if I did just tell you my favorite book). But, favorites are subject to change, right?

23. I’d rather have pearls than diamonds.

24. I’m a simple person and don’t do gaudy. Bigger isn’t always better, folks.

25. I have an older brother. For four days of the year, we’re the same age. Those are my favorite four days of the year.

26. Many days, my mind is filled with planning a trip. Speaking of which, it’s about time for another trip…

27. My favorite book in the Bible is Proverbs.

28. Making lists makes me happy. Crossing things off the lists makes me even happier.

29. I’m a dancing fool. Give me a good beat and I can’t stand (or sit) still.

30. When I’m really excited by food, I do my happy-food dance.

31. I’ve backpacked through Europe. If I could do it all over again, I’d only change two things. 1. I wouldn’t have mono. 2. I’d have had more beds/showers.

32. I don’t like cruises because I want to experience the culture of the place I visit and not just hit the tourist sights.

33. I love taking silly pictures, specifically of my friends and me doing ridiculous poses.

34. I chose my college using an Excel spreadsheet. Seriously.

35. When I was about 11, I told my mom I wanted to change my name. Needless to say, that didn’t go over very well and the name change never happened.

36. In high school, I won the ‘actress of the year’ award.

37. I’m petrified of heights…and ice skating.

38. In the car, I don’t talk much. It’s like my mind pauses when I enter a vehicle. With other people in the car, I have to remind myself to talk.

39. Photography is my creative release. I’d love to take a photography class. My favorite subject is nature and architecture.

40. I’ve never broken a bone.

41. I went to boarding school for high school. No, it wasn’t because I was a bad kid. And I’m not sure if I would send my kids to boarding school.

42. I’ve taken French since I was 11. I should be more proficient than I am, but I can get around fairly well in a French speaking country.

43. I wish I had blue eyes. I’m learning to appreciate my dark green ones, though.

45. I don’t like shopping.

46. I am, however, a little obsessed with shoes.

47. My life rarely has a dull moment. Sometimes I think I should write my memoirs because the things that happen to me are honestly incredible. When my friends have a crazy story from their lives, it’s known as a ‘Stacey story’.

48. My favorite night at Bible study  happened at a Starbucks nearby. We witnessed a sting operation…like I said, never a dull moment.

49. Moving often has taught me to love meeting new people and be more outgoing. I used to be, and can sometimes still be, an introvert. I’ve had to learn extrovert habits.

50. My dream is to live and work overseas. It’s going to happen.

Your turn. Give me 3 facts about yourself!


18 comments on “Fifty Facts

  1. 1. I too am using an Excel spreadsheet to keep my grad school research in order.

    2. My bedroom in my current apartment in Taipei is windowless. You might think this is depressing, unhealthy, and unfortunate (and you’d be right) but you’d also be jealous how deep a sleep I can get at any time of the day…

    3. I used to wear my headband ‘wrong’ in the second grade 😉

  2. 1. I love the smell of old books.

    2. I’ve had the A-Team theme song as my ringtone since my sophomore year of college.

    3. I love to Google Earth everything. Like the Great Wall of China – which you really can’t see from space.

    Bonus: I have backpacked through Europe. If I could do it all over again, I’d only change two things. 1. Stacey wouldn’t have mono. 2. more battlefields!

  3. 1. I always take ice cubes from the ice tray in groups of four.

    2. My favorite movies are mob movies such as Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather, yet some of my favorite musicians are Gloria Estefan and Celine Dion.

    3. I’ve been to the Republic of Georgia

  4. never a dull moment with you for sure!!

    Whoo hoo on our Bucks witness! haha! i could not recover that night!

    Did you spread sheet your fifty facts prior to posting this?

    1- i wish speaking about Scripture could be my paid life

    2- I love extreme adventure, and would probably do it all naked if i could!

    3- I will always choose dare, in the game of truth or dare!

  5. 1. I lived at a boarding school for over 10 years—as a teacher.
    2. I love dark chocolate.
    3. I love to write, but I’m almost always stumped when it comes time to write a new post for my blog.

    Are you a TCK? From what I’ve read, it seems like you are . . .

      • A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is “an individual who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having ownership in any. Although elements of each culture are assimilated into the TCK’s life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background.” (Pollock and VanReken)

  6. 1.) I long to be as good a person as my grandmother was
    2.) When I was a kid, I wanted to be an Auto Mechanic by day and a 4 start Chef by night
    3.) I love people who can challenge me. Who in the first meeting we don’t get along, but then end up the best of friends. These are the keepers.

  7. Dropped in from Grit and Glory

    1. I have this habit of sniffing any drink once before I taste it.
    2. I live on the Internet 🙂
    3. I have too many ‘what if’s’ in my life.

  8. 1- i really don’t like cooking. cereal for dinner is just fine with me.

    2- i am madly in love with my husband, my kids, and 44 asian orphan girls that i get to hug on here in thailand.

    3- i get lost. all the time. directionally impaired, for sure. and it is one of the many things that reminds me that i am not all that i oftentimes think i am. 🙂

    • Laura, thanks for stopping by!

      I get lost easily as well..I get lost even WITH my GPS. It’s pretty funny sometimes.

      I also don’t like to cook…at all. PB&J for dinner is just fine with me!

      I love what your family is doing in Thailand. Thank you for bringing justice to the orphans!

  9. 1. I agree with/relate to almost everything on your list.
    2. I’m obsessed with dogs, particularly my dog.
    3. One day, I’m going to help you become an international leg model 🙂

    I’m so impressed with everything you’re doing/have decided to do in Africa. I hope I can visit you before you’re outta there! If you ever get a break in the next year, come visit me in China!

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  11. 1) I will be meeting you tonite for the first time at a tweet up with a bunch of other great folks.

    2) Dandelions are my favorite flower

    3) Smell is my favorite sense

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