8 comments on “Endless Lessons

  1. I am tired of lessons as well. However, some of the lessons are from my own choice to take another lap around the desert. I get in the way of God all too often.

    I am so grateful for his grace and gentleness with me.

  2. Girl! I am SO right there with you. Sometimes it all seems to be coming in at once and so incredibly overwhelming. But you have the right ticket – just letting go and allowing God to do whatever it is He’s doing – even though it all seems muddled and overlapping. 🙂

    Praying for you. 🙂

  3. i’m smiling because of how this started in a comment last week…

    i’m tired of the lessons, too. i’ve felt like i’m at my breaking point for… sheesh… over a year now. when i feel like i just couldn’t possibly take anymore, more keeps coming. good thing His grace is sufficient…

    • I figured this was worth it’s own post on my page (and, obviously, modified it a little).

      Maybe our ACTUAL breaking points are different than what we think they are. Maybe we’re much stronger than we think. Maybe God is showing us this.

      Maybe this is yet another lesson..

  4. mmm.

    i like how the word “less” is in “lessons.” almost like lessons are the processes of us decreasing and God increasing in our lives. our control/self-sufficiency decreasing, His sovereignty increasing in our lives. etc. even when there are way too many of them to even list and they are way too jumbled up.

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