4 comments on “Building Altars

  1. Beautiful Stacey. We can look at our past scars and let them make us bitter or we can use them to remember God’s faithfulness.
    I have learned that by counting and listing the gifts, even the tiniest ones, I am learning that trusting comes easier. My listing of the gifts has become my reminders, my altars, of His faithfulness.

  2. i love altars. i build them all the time with words and reminders–totally need to build more, but still. my tattoo is a big reminder/altar for me.

    my pastor’s wife just the other day was like seriously look what god has done thus far He can do far more and He’s taken care of you all this time so why wouldn’t you get that He’ll take care of you in this next step.

    and it’s totally true that the enemy tries to spin them the wrong way when it’s like um no. they’re big. god did big things and will continue to do big things!

  3. I don’t journal like I should, though I suppose getting back into blogging is a way of journaling. I do have a journal that I write in occasionally, and every time I pick it up and look back at what I’ve written in the past, I’m reminded of things God had done for me that I had completely forgotten about. Journaling is a way of recording our own history with God.

    Another way of building altars would be to tell others about what God has done for us, and there will probably come times when those people will need to remind us of those things.

    I hadn’t thought of these kinds of things as “altars” before, but that’s such a great way to put it!

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