3 comments on “6 Months of Rejoicing

  1. I have learned many of these same things with my one word. It is hard to rejoice, or be thankful, when situations or life is hard. I’ve been through a couple of months where I have simply had to discipline myself to give thanks. I’ve simply gone through the motions even when I don’t always feel it. And for a time it didn’t bring the joy and peace it had, but slowly it is beginning to again. And yes acknowleding His sovereignty in it all is important isn’t it? I’m learning that as well. Love seeing how “rejoice” is working out in your life Stacey.

  2. “‘I’m learning that the harder the trial, the more rejoicing I need to do. I want to come out on the other side loving God more”

    That’s an incredible attitude to maintain and one I’ll admit I don’t rise to nearly enough. I love the way your word is working out. When I was doing a “word for the year” the last three years they never turned out the way I thought at the beginning. Funny how God does that.

    As for me, this year I took the “one word” idea and expanded it to my “Mustard Seed Year.” It’s been hard, it’s broken me in 85.6 different ways and honestly I”m getting a little scared for the 2nd half of the year considering how hard the first half has been.

  3. Wonderful post, Stacey!

    My “one word” was actually a few words per week–I split up the fruits of the spirit to try to focus on a different one each day. It was neat because I mentioned this to a couple co-workers, and every once in a while they ask me what my word is for the day. This is a great example of staying accountable through your community because honestly, some days they said something before I had thought about my word.

    This summer I am working remotely, and need to do a better job focusing on my words for the year. However, I have been very blessed lately, and am working on something you mentioned–praising in the moment and not just in hindsight. Very hard to do, but I have been trying to work on that, also.

    Thanks for your thoughts! Miss you!!!

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