8 comments on “Guided Steps

  1. Isn’t it amazing how free you feel when you finally realize something like this? For me over the past 18 months or so I have am continually finding freedom from realizing that my worth, my value, isn’t based on how well I do things or on the expectations of others. Only in Christ and His grace.

    • Oh, I’ve been on that road too. It’s so hard removing values from those earthly areas and yet so beautiful when you give it to God.

      I guess that goes back to your post on growing, huh?

  2. That He wants to speak to me – every day. Not just on special occasions when I desparately need to hear Him to make life decisions – but every day – in the mundane, the frustrations, the joys, all of it.

    It’s been life-changing.

    Incredibly life-changing.

  3. Oh man I so needed to hear this today! As I prepare for my move to Uganda it seems the mountain of to-do’s seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Everyone tells me what to do, where to go, who I need to suck up to get there and be successful… and honestly I am SO OVERWHELMED! I am so thankful for the reminder to just be and TRUST HIM TO GUIDE MY STEPS cause you’re so right “It’s NOT UP TO ME!”

    Praying for you sista!

    • I SO get that overwhelmed feeling and I’m not even starting an organization! Love that your post today had you asking others to partner prayerfully with you- that’s absolutely the most important! Hope He reminded you of freedom with these words!

      Praying praying for you!

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