2 comments on “On Repeat

  1. I have been thinking about Romans 8:28 also. I was listening to Glenn Packiam’s story behind his new song “All Things” and he reminded that we often think of this verse as all things work for good, but really not all things are good. Yet God is in all things and working for good. It’s hard to see that sometimes though isn’t it.
    One thing on my mind lately has been God’s sovereignty. If God and His will are sovereign then there is nothing we can do to mess His purpose up. So while we should live and try to serve Him when we do mess up as we are bound to do we can let go of the guilt. Because of His grace, but also because we can not mess up His ultimate purpose. Does that make sense? Kind of goes back to Him working in all things I guess.

  2. on repeat for me lately has been going from glory to glory–the verse is in the first few chapters of 2 corinthians. and the word “be”/abide and broken/breaking still. =)

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