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  1. This is a tough one for me sometimes. Of course we hope we can depend on our family and our closest friends but we also have to realize they may let us down. They are only human. I’m learning God is the only one I can truly depend on.

  2. well as Americans we are typically super individualistic,culturally speaking, but having that close group of friends you can call anytime and stuff is nice. Dependability is being there when you are needed and having people trust you enough to feel comfortable enough to ask you to help or talk about something. If you don’t live in a trustworthy or dependable manner you’ll never have the opportunity to show someone that you, in fact, are dependable.

  3. I feel like dependability amongst people, whether they are friends or family, is never a certain thing. I have often thought that I have a community of people who will always be there and have grace for me, but then they leave or appear to quit caring. You can’t be sure that nothing will break that community, that bond, especially outside circumstances. And after reading Job, it can feel like even God isn’t dependable. I find myself trying to be enough without any help. It’s been a tough word for me.

  4. Yeah. Tough one for me too. I’m very independent by nature. So while it’s easy for me to “be dependable” it’s not so easy for me to ‘depend on’ others. It’s like I know what I would do to be a dependable person but have been let down because people don’t meet my expectations of what being dependable back is in my mind.

    So, I am learning that not every has the same expectations in dependability that I do.

    I’m learning that God is always dependable.

    I’m learning that it is okay to be dependent on other people – as long as I keep it in a healthy boundary.


  5. Loved talking with you about this yesterday!! this one is hard for us Peter’s. it takes a lot of trust. I don’t spare trust easily. I can’t shake this phrase from a pastor i heard, “Jesus came dependent, surrendered, and in service.” He came dependent. There was such intimate trust between and the father, also brings new light for me on “being one with the father” looks like. God is the only dependable, and non-disappointing person we can trust.

    Friends and family fail. We are human. We sin and make mistakes. We require forgiveness and grace. That is hard. It is really hard for me to trust/depend on others. It’s hard to be hurt. God never disappoints. No matter what. I may not understand his reasoning, his changes, or his timing, but he has them all. Once i tackle trusting and depending on him, i think i will be able to free up some self-sufficiency in me. Hoping the depending on him with trickle down to being able to extend some risk with others!

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