6 comments on “Initial OneWord2011 Thoughts

  1. That’s where I’ve found the greatest breakthrough comes from – rejoicing in the midst of the tough times. Love this word for you friend. Excited to see you rejoicing. And maybe – though you may not be doing it right now – I’ll hear you “shouting exultingly”, will raise my eyebrows, and join in along with you!

    Rejoice! Love it. Love you, friend!

  2. So glad you’re choosing the hard and not going with the easy surfacey version.
    and we both know how much I just love my word….ha, aka it’s SO hard. booty kicking me to the curb.

  3. get your rejoicing on friend! i actually would like to see you raise your hands in rejoicing…ha! maybe i already have on the dance floor! excited to see what definition this words takes on for you this year.

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