21 comments on “Rejoice

  1. I love it!! Yay for rejoice!

    You rejoice.
    Jenny will wonder.
    Katy will trust.
    And I will anticipate.

    Love you girl!

    Don’t forget to send me the bible study link. . . .

    xxx M.

  2. love your word, stac. it takes intentionality to rejoice when the circumstances don’t seem to warrant it. that’s something that is really hard for me to do…

    i get the sense that your commitment to choose joy and thankfulness—to rejoice—in challenging and painful times is going to open your heart up wide for God to do incredible things in you. i can’t wait to watch it all unfold this year.

    thankful for you and your friendship. love you, stac.

    • Thanks for opening up this world of Oneword-ness (ha!) to all of us! I have no idea how rejoice will play into my ‘what next’ questions, but I can’t wait to see how the journey takes its twists and turns.

      Love you, Mer!

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  4. even though rejoice will be hard…you’re going to be rejoicing over some amazing things that i can’t wait to see, friend! love you!!

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