9 comments on “The Year in Review: A-ness Style

  1. so glad you took a risk and came to south africa this summer–even though it ended differently than you thought…AND so excited you and Katy get to meet. 🙂

  2. Oh friend… how Africa gets under my skin too…

    So excited for you and Katy… please hug her from me. Can’t wait to meet you guys both IRL too!

    this is just a temporary setback… I too was supposed to go to Africa in 2007 for 2 years… it didn’t happen… but God has opened many other wonderful doors, including bringing me a husband who has the same sweet love for Africa that I do 🙂 Hugs sweet girl

    • Thank you for understanding, Jenny. Thank you for embracing my flattened house of cards. I know God has something else and remind myself of His faithfulness. Thanks for sharing you’re story!

      So glad you made it back safely this weekend!!

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