7 comments on “A Shift, A Change, A New Plan

  1. I read Alece’s letter earlier today. My head is spinning and my heart is sore for both of you. I can’t imagine this disappointment.

    I actually work for a mission agency—WorldVenture. One of our top 5 priorities is training the next generation of leaders. While we’re still involved in church planting, more and more of our efforts are directed towards leadership development. Keep your eyes and ears open to what others are saying. Check out worldventure.com and see if anything strikes a chord within you. And if you need my input or help, feel free to ask. May you know beyond a shadow of a doubt where your next steps should be.

  2. of course. In the meantime, interested in a little spring Eurotravel??

    My plans are changing too, just means God wants to use me somewhere other than where I thought I could be used best 🙂

  3. Praying for you my sweet friend. ((hugs))
    God isn’t surprised by all of this. So He still has plans for you!

    xxx M.

    • Thank you Mary! I so appreciate your consisten encouragement and prayers. And I love what you say, ‘God isn’t surprised by all of this’. Such a sweet reminder!!

      How’s the staycation?

  4. Just connected w/Katy too… are you guys both in the DC area? So am I! what church are you involved in here?

    I will keep you both (you and Katy) in prayer during this transition… I know it may seem hard to believe, but God does have a good plan even in all of this. For all of you ….

    When I first started searching for missions agencies, I connected with World Venture and LOVED them – absolutely loved them. They have several projects all over Africa and are a delight to work with (very organized, great training, awesome team). My friend Sheryl O’Bryan is still there (http://www.sherylobryan.com/) and can tell you more about them… but they are fabulous as an organization (www.worldventure.com) – just tell Sheryl Jenny sent you on over 🙂

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