4 comments on “Too Much To Say…Not Enough Words

  1. I think I’m having the opposite problem of wanting to write but not being able to figure out what I’m thinking… 🙂
    The best and worst part of my last week are the same, and I’m still struggling to process all of it, but it’s been amazing to see how God is showing up through it. God is good 🙂

    • Oh this Thinker understands trying to figure out what I’m thinking and feeling. It sounds weird ‘thinking about what I’m actually thinking’ but I know I have to do that. What helps me is to just be still and start asking myself ‘do I think this?’ or ‘do I think that’ and see what fits. =)

  2. best part: i’m with you on the having TOO many things to blog about. we’ve been celebrating 10 years as a church and have had a bunch of meetings/sermons….so the best part has been the information overload and just so many “whoa/ah ha” moments with God….now it’s just to process them through re-reading my notes, digging deep, and spending lots of god time. 🙂

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