6 comments on “Desert Lessons Part I

  1. mmmm, oh the desert.
    “trudging through the junk in my heart.” –that right there, that’s been my…oh i don’t know last year at least. my heart is messy, but God often reminds me that in that beautiful messy heart, He gives me an opportunity to just be. to let Him do what He’s already planned. He’s already gone before us and yet He walks beside us as well.
    praying for you as we continue to sprint. we’re almost out of the desert at least in terms of reading 🙂

    • I think we’ve been in the desert about the same amount of time. I’m restless to leave but am scared to take the first step…odd combination! Thanks for the reminder of His restoration and the importance of letting Him work while I rely on Him.

      So glad we’re sprinting together!!

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