6 comments on “He’s an ‘S’ and an ‘N’

  1. fun! I am SO a myers-briggs nerd too 🙂 I hadn’t thought of it this way…but I had noticed ALL the details…(insert trudging through the details–can you tell I’m mostly an N?). ha, now i’m going to be looking for the ways God is both/and for all of them! einsftjp. haha 🙂

  2. Did you know that in moments of crisis people often resort to their less dominate trait? So for example I’m an ENFP, in moments of absolute crisis I might look more like an T (thinker) because my ability to be an F (feeler) is momentarily not sufficient enough to help deal with the problem at hand. I think it’s pretty cool. But then you put God into the picture and realize, like what you said, God is both. All the time, God is both. The fact that he can be an Extrovert and love the prayers and praises that a billion churches all over the world and thousands of angels give him, yet at the same time wants to be an Introvert and spend quality, deep personal time with each of us is so amazing. That’s just 2 traits from the total 16 combinations that can be made from E,I; N,S; F,T;P,J. God is so good!!!

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