15 comments on “Sprinting

  1. Woah! That’ s definitely a sprint. I’m in the for the marathon run – I’m reading it through in a year. :)) Can’t wait to see your thoughts on what you learn in this sprint! 😉

  2. So glad that we’re doing this together and it sure is a sprint!! I love your heart behind the “why” 🙂 and eeeee for “soon to IRL friends!” love you!

  3. Ohh Katy told me about this too so my friend Maegan and I are doing it here in Japan. :] I love learning all sorts of new things about the Bible. I look forward to reading about God’s faithfulness as well and all of the strange happenings that all turn back around to glorify Him.

    • I may have taken it from you and Steph :). While I was in Africa I just kept thinking, I need to do that. I have to do that. So, I’m doing it! Tips and tricks welcome!!

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