4 comments on “Re-Entry

  1. I totally get you! It sort of gets easier over time. However, at the same time the adjustment sort of sneaks up on you. The things that you once were used to as a normal part of your day are suddenly no longer normal. Whenever someone is eating something in front of me and their food isn’t offered I can’t help but thinking how rude that is. Then I remember, I’m in America. I still can’t go into stores without mentally preparing myself for the amount of choices, people and hustle and bustle. So like I said in some ways it will get easier, yet not, all at the same time. I’ll be praying for you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ana. Glad you rocked your Bafana Bafana jersey today! Made my mough and my heart smile! I’m so glad you were able to debrief and process your re-entry with the rest of Next Step. I’m still praying for your future plans!

    • Thanks, Mary. I wasn’t expecting it to be a. hard or b. shocking to return, especially after only 2 months. Just anothere reminder that I am not in control or ‘in-the-know’. Thanks, God!

      Still praising Him for your news!!

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