3 comments on “Kodak Moments

  1. I was encouraged to do the same at debriefing last year…and it is overwhelming…at least it was for me! But the awesome thing that I learned when coming home was that I got to ask God in the moment what story, what moment, what words to share with that specific person. I oftentimes shared things that I never would have “picked” or “chosen” but in that moment they fit. Plus, I loved how anywhere, everywhere I might get to share a bit…to let my eyes light up and share my heart. I still do and it fills me up and I love it even though it makes me ache…

    • Oh that’s so true! Can we tell I may have some control issues…ha. Thank you for reminding me to give even this to God. He knows the hearts of those I will be talking to so I need to ask Him how to speak truth to them.

      You are wonderful. Thank you!

  2. Katy’s a wise girl!

    I remember this feeling when I was coming home from my first semester overseas. The three months changed me, then I was home 2 weeks, then gone again another 8 months. I was nervous. How could I share with family and friends and my church? And then I would wonder should I tell them that some of my favorite times were as a team developing relationships? Its hard…. but He will give you a story and it will be what the other person needs to hear.

    SOuth Africa is grand, isn’t it? Whats next for you!?

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