9 comments on “Doubting Doubts

  1. This is a powerful post. I feel you about the fear …… the last couple months have been so emotionally draining for me that I have lost all confidence and most of my faith. I told a pastor recently that I remember when I had so much confidence in God and his call on my life that nothing could stop me – but now… I fear even TRYING to pray beyond ‘help me’ prayers… and say nothing of cowering in fear!

    I told that pastor that I remember when demons trembled when I walked by (well, u know what I mean) but now I am too timid to engage the enemy because of the emotional, relational and spiritual trauma that I have gone through – and am still going through.

    So good on you for risking! I will take strength from your courage to risk.

    • Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement! It saddens me that often we allow ourselves to stunt our faith. Fear is so powerful that we often lose sight of hope. I’m thankful that you are aware of the change in you, of the draining.

      Today, I’ll pray for both of us to step out in courage and faith. I’ll pray that God shows up big…so big that we can only fear NOT following Him.

  2. I’m usually the same way…it’s much easier to believe that the promises are for others than for me. I’m glad you’re taking a risk and stepping out! I know that God is going to show up in BIG ways 🙂

    • Seriously, we need to be IRL friends! I have this small inkling that I don’t think promises are for me because I don’t give myself enough grace (or something). I’m still…processing that. I want to take such strong ownership of my faith that I can embrace EVERYTHING God has for me…no matter what it is. I want to accept promises, pray boldly, and worship humbly. I’m not there, but this is a step!

      Still praying for you =)

      • I agree we SO need to be IRL friends too! The whole extending grace to myself is hard…to actually forgive myself and to not see things as a “okay I did this so then this is happening/i deserve this” because His mercy is so much bigger than that, still processing that one myself! Plus, I think? a part of me is afraid of being disappointed…of having to shift my thinking/sight to trusting that He is still the same regardless of how things look and that even if it’s not how I think I want it’s better…ah! wish we could just chill on a couch and have a good chat 🙂 someday!
        praying for you too.

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