4 comments on “Reverse Post

  1. Highlights:
    *Finding out that I get to be in the water for swimming lessons at work with my kiddos and today was the last day!
    *VBS at church–dressing up like egyptians and talking Joseph all week with super cute little ones–praying for a life-changing last day!
    *Softball practices and games–I might someday learn this sport 🙂
    *listening to some really awesome music on repeat
    *Re-reading Redeeming Love and starting Passion and Purity
    *God meeting me all over the place from a stormy drive home to finding a heart while rollerblading to taking a nap

    p.s. loved hearing your highlights 🙂

  2. Let’s see…

    I returned from 6 months in Japan…
    …met my nephew for the first time 🙂
    moved into a house with 3 other guys…
    ….and yet have spent most of the last two weeks in solitude.
    started the paleo/primal blueprint style of living and eating
    went to the hospital to visit my grandmother who is recovering from a stroke
    finished a book, yay!
    um….I’m writing an email about everything else!

    • Welcome home Ltjg! So proud of your promotion! And so happy you got to meet your nephew! I know how much your niece means to you and now you just get to have your heart grown in love! What is paleo/primal living and eating style?

      Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a busy week!

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