5 comments on “Days of Passion

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  2. so glad you’re getting a chance to catch the heartbeat of thrive through such amazing people!! praying for you!

  3. i miss the random wild life that SA has!! i love how much blesbok running around is normal! haha! Pigeons in the morning that sound like the dedication of the Lion King and sweet star gazing!

    so glad you are having fun getting to know people and seeing a great different side of life. Some of it will just make you pissed at american life. dang!! we are self focused people for sure.

    Love that you got to go to Intabazwa!! talk about some passion!

    • Taking a deep breath on the ‘Americans are self-focused people’ thought. Community in American pales to community in SA. Dang!

      Pigeons remind me more of ‘The Birds’ by Hitchcock than the lion king!

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