18 comments on “Catch Up and First Impressions

  1. LOVE to see South Africa through your eyes. and yes, those winters can be deceptively cold. Hang onto your space heater and curl up close to your cup of tea. Enjoy! We are enjoying it with you!

  2. ahh! I’m so excited for you and love reading about what you think and am definitely enjoying “going” on this exciting journey with you. way to already eat nando’s! sounds tasty 🙂 and I agree that you can’t really know about the cold until you experience it….stay warm!!

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  4. Hooray! So glad you made it and hooray for native Nandos! I have to tell Tim. He’s going to be geeked. Can’t wait to read more about your amazing adventure!

  5. YAY!! I love love your house!! I’m glad you made it safe and are (already) partying away! that’s my girl! Say hi to that beautiful zebra (gorgeous, shot btw). Have a great time! Can’t wait for more updates!!

  6. Rusks! And soundd weird but openning the bottom of your shirt over the heater will change your life. Enjoy the real peace and real stars. Amazing sunset on the brown grass that makes a godly gold! Love that the dancing has already started!!

    • The stars are amazing out here! I can’t help but look up at them every night and wonder at their beauty. Seen some amazing sunsets too!

      Oh Jace and I broke.it.down!

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