2 comments on “World Cup Anthem

  1. I love, love, LOVE that you are in South Africa. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Please post lots of pretty pictures for us. Here is a list of things you must absolutely eat and drink:

    1. Nandos
    2. Appletizer
    3. Ocean Basket seafood platter – they’re all delicious
    4. Biltong
    5. Reds
    6. Licorice all sorts
    7. Quality street chocolates
    8. Oumas Rusks
    9. Melktert
    10. Koeksisters
    11. LItchies
    12. Pap and Wors
    13. Marmite
    14. Spur Mushroom Burger
    15. KFC – its so so so much better than in the States
    16. Guava juice
    17. Passion fruit and lemonade (order at any restaurant)
    18. Braai
    19. Rooibos tea
    20. Big corn bites

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