7 comments on “(Un)Conditional Love

  1. Oh.girl.

    I’m so there. I think we may be sisters. Seriously.

    I PRIDE myself on my self-sufficiency but in reality it’s a wall to keep from being vulnerable, rejected and ultimately, alone.

    If I CHOOSE to be alone, then that’s easier than being LEFT alone.

    (Hugs) to you on this journey.
    I’m right behind you.

    xxx M.

    • You’re so right, Mary. If I choose to be alone then I can say ‘it’s my choice. I can be alone’ which is much easier to accept than being LEFT alone.


      The heart is so messy. My heart is so messy.

      Thanks for understanding, friend.

    • I’m half sorry and half excited you know what I mean, Liz. It’s such a hard lesson but I know it’s a lesson that will reap unbelievable rewards.

      Thanks for stopping by. You always were my favorite stalker/ee.

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