6 comments on “Worn Out

  1. i love your unedited version to your heart. i hope you can feel and find some rest. suck that your job is everything but life giving for you. i hate that you are exhausted and frustrated more than not. hoping for something new soon.

    • I have the same hope for you every day, Tre. Andy ou would be proud, I didn’t even pre-write this in my journal! Baby steps to becoming less of an A-ness!

    • Hey Mary! I know you can relate to the busy-ness of life (isn’t it funny that busy-ness spelled ‘properly’ is business?). You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers even though I’ve been MIA on your blog.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      • That’s what we are all here for – why God is connecting us all together – to encourage and build up one another. Although it still freaks my mind out that I’ve never met most of you in real life and yet I feel close to you – like we have some sort of special God-connection. It’s so cool!

        It’s got to be a taste of what heaven will be like!

      • I was thinking about that the other day…how I feel connected to so many people through the blog-o-sphere (and twitter-o-sphere). I love that you area part of my journey and I am a part of yours!

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