5 comments on “My Oyster Heart

    • Thanks for appreciating the pearls I’ve gathered and have shared. Thank you for showing your own pearls- pearls caused by grits of sand and bits of joy.

  1. Hope you experience knowing people who value your pearls and see the true depth of treasure in them. Thank you for trusting me with a glimpse of some. You have beautiful pearls.

    • Sometimes it feels like not all of my pearls are pretty (ha!). Some feel lopsided or discolored or just too plain. They aren’t all perfectly round or all the same size. No, they change, take on a life of their own, almost, as they are being made in my heart. Thank you for knowing and acknowledging the value of my pearls.

      You have some precious pearls yourself and as I have been shown more, I have been thankful for your vulnerability and friendship.

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