6 comments on “Because He Loves Me

  1. i feel as though i’m not very cognizant of His protection (except when something drastic happens). i want to live more aware of His hand that protects me. of His angels that battle on my behalf. of His glory that serves as my rear guard (i love that in Isaiah 58:8).

    as a side note, any time i see/hear/think of Psalm 91, my brain hits play on the “song” my little brother was taught to memorize it with. when he was in first grade (at a christian school), he learned all of psalm 91 (quite impressive) — in the king james version no less — by pseudo-singing it to this cute little tune. he would practice so much at home that i couldn’t help but memorize it either. so at the mere mention of Psalm 91, i kick into gear…

    “he who dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide… ”

    too bad i can’t write in tune. you’d love it. 😉

    (and NO, i will NOT sing it for you. because i cant’ SING in tune either!)

  2. I get stuck on the first verse. It’s kind of a benefit thing i forget. To remain in him means rest. I need some rest. I have been thinking a lot lately about tiring, no straight exhausting, it is to handle my heart on my own. The same is true in handling other people’s hearts on my own. Simple is rest that comes from dwelling or remaining in him.

    • It seems like it doesn’t make sense. Go to God and He will give you rest. I always think if I just sleep I’ll feel rested; or if I go on a vacation I’ll feel rested. I need to stop thinking that going to God is work and instead trust that He will provide refuge for my heart and my body.

      Desert’s are tiring places..

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