7 comments on “Faithfulness In Grief

  1. I am stuck on, “because of his great love we are not consumed.” I too often feel overwhelmed or consumed by my own thoughts, hurts, restlessness, etc. Feels consuming. I need to get better about focusing on his love to feel that weight lifted off.

    Grief comes with some mad redirectioning in my life. sucks, but thankful for the promise and consistency of God.

  2. Interesting that you blogged about deserts today and I blogged about grief; especially in light of your series on failure. So glad God continues to pursue us and love us. That He is with us in our grief and has compassion. So comforting.

  3. “Only by choosing to trust Him in darkness can I learn to rely on Him in the light.”

    dang. this is challenging. the whole post is. thanks for the greatttttt nuggets to gnaw on!

  4. that is one of my all-time favorite passages. (there’s another “fav” for you…)

    i’m not a theologian, so i can’t argue the doctrinal basis for this and how/why verses are worded the way they are. but i don’t believe God brings pain, sickness, or grief into my life. but He does allow it. the story of job comes to mind… God didn’t do it. He just didn’t stop it.

    i believe the same about the grief and pain in my own life. i don’t think God did these things to me. He just hasn’t stopped it. but i know even in all that, He loves me, He comforts me, He brings me good in the midst of my grief.

    He is good all the time. even when i can’t see it or feel it to be evident in my life.

    • I did a mini study on Job last year and it was hard for me to watch God ‘allow’ all those hardships to fall on Job. I think theologically speaking, we’ll always wonder if God brings/allows grief. One thing this passage does tell me is that grief will come and God will be right there with me when it does- with His compassion and love.

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