11 comments on “The Naked Truth

  1. All I know is that many folks in church struggle with porn. This makes it too easy. And, I’d say it would have to be downright gross. So many old, old, old people…. 🙂

    • I did think about the porn addiction as I was writing this but didn’t include it because many churches serve wine at communion despite potential alcoholics.

      I agree with you…way too many old people…

  2. I would love to be called to be naked for three years! haha! i love that there was streaking in the bible!

    Church, too much though. I get being naked and unashamed, but too many things making that not ok. The fact is if there was no sin, naked church would be every where. But sin entered paradise and we therefore have covering. dang it!!

    Good thing we have eternity to be naked!

  3. I do not know what it says about me that I (almost) always have to write things in a numerical ordered fashion …

    1) Oddly enough, I would make the argument that people in the nude would not exactly do something for someone who is addicted to porn. Maybe someone who struggles with lust in general …. but there are fine layers to addictions and weakness and something tells me that seeing real people naked won’t do it for someone who is used to seeing “artificial people in artificial circumstances”.

    2) Tracee really nailed it. Maybe there is something to being Nude before God physically and as well as spiritually but there is indeed sin and brokenness out in this world we live now. I can not help but think that a greater humility would be to know that none of our motives are wholly pure and to temper our actions by that awareness. Maybe it is true and these people are at a greater spiritual maturity then the rest of us – God only knows – but for me, I would know it would be hubris and falsehood for me to “worship” as they do. So I will just be al Naturale everywhere else I won’t be arrested.

    Here’s to eternity (though I think I am going to bring my North Face jacket).

    • Amiel, I too think in numerical fashion. Organized thoughts, I’m telling you.

      I definitely think there is something to be said about being spiritually naked. I’m not sure if there is a correlation between physically naked and spiritually naked- perhaps because of the Fall we cannot fully be either on our own? I also agree that nakedness brings humility (in both senses). Wonder what it would be like to go to church on Sunday asking ourselves ‘how would I act if I was naked right now?’ hmmm

  4. Umm wow. Ummm. Sorry I’m not going to church naked. I think that can lead to a whole host of issues…namely temptation. Jesus may have been naked when He was crucified but it was a very shameful thing, and He took on that shame so we wouldn’t have to.

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