7 comments on “Holding Pattern

  1. Having just been on a couple of planes recently, that is a perfect illustration of life. I couldn’t wait to land. Turbulance freaks me out. One time Alece and i were on our flight back from SA and flew thru some serious turbulance. There was lighting filling the windows of the plane. My palms were sweating like crazy and we kept dropping like a roller coaster ride. While I was about to mess my pants, Alece was “asleep in the stern!” I am freaking out and she’s asleep! Talk about wanting to land. When we did land, the pilot gets on the loud speaker and says, “sorry about the rough ride, but at least we’re on the ground.” Encouraging.

    I am praying that your flight to figure out a great course for you. Maybe we can start a dance party on the plane!

  2. Wow. Just flew on a plane this past weekend and that illustration (like Tracee says) is so perfect. I’m not a big fan of the holding pattern. My patience wears thin; I feel left out of the action on the ground; I feel “held back.”

    But the holding pattern is where I learn the most about myself – because I have nothing else to do but wait.


    And yay.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ve been learning alot about myself during this process…you are so right. It’s hard to really examine myself especially because I have to much time to do it! Hard truths but good truths!

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