9 comments on “Two Cents Tuesday: Live Show

  1. So glad you had fun at the concert last night!! so fun!!

    Some of my fave live concerts have been Caedmon’s Call. Dang they can jam!! I LOVE watching Shane and Shane as much as i can. They seriously usher me into worship. I can lose myself in their singing. U2 with my BF was awesome! we were spoiled to have been back stage, oh and ON stage! Needtobreath JAMS!! they are so fun to watch and i definitely get my singing on. warning for next month.

    I am with you, I like live shows a great deal. they are so fun. I like to get into the songs and watch them be in their passions.

  2. i love me some live music! seriously one of my favorite things. one of the gifts to me during this season has been the chance to go to so many shows. i’ve been to more concerts in the past year than in the previous decade. (kinda hard in africa, ya know…)

    jason mraz was amazing, the U2 experience was unbefrickinlievable (doubly so since i was with my BF!), ingrid michaelson was a blast, matt wertz was unforgettable for lots of reasons, the lineup at help haiti live was only one-upped by the famous theater it was held in… mmmm! i loooove me some live music.

    i’m so bummed to be missing needtobreathe’s tour. again! i’m out of town when they come to the ATL… sad times. they’re one of my favorite bands.

    and i’m so glad j-knapp is back. i’ve been a fan of hers forever — martyrs and thieves still remains one of my most-loved songs. i’m sad she doesn’t have a georgia stop planned on her tour yet. i’m so glad you went last night and enjoyed it so much!

      • AND eat his poptarts!

        if i *ever* get that opportunity again, i’ll give you a head’s up! (ha! don’t hold your breath – think that was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetimer!)

  3. I’d have to say that the best live music I’ve ever heard was Shane and Shane during their “Turn Down the Music” tour with Matt Maher. They are one of just a few artists I’ve heard that make their recordings sound like junk.

    Worst concert? Hands down- a No Limit Records rap-fest in Charlotte, NC….I had different tastes back then. Horrible, I tell ya.

    Best concert I’ve never been to but am jonesin’ seriously for? Coldplay. Man, how I want to see them live.

  4. hey, i was at the birchmere show too and also blogged about my experience. since jen’s hiatus, i didn’t really attend many concerts so last monday evening was an amazing performance indeed. i definitely prefer her acoustic sets over the rock shows (although they can be fun as well). other than jen knapp’s, i really enjoyed seeing dave mathews, alicia keys and this indie band timbetold live.

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