10 comments on “All or Nothing

  1. With a fork in the road
    And bad navigation, I could
    lose You or me.
    Which should be sacrificed?

    Wow. I love that part.
    It screams at me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful weekend. 😉

  2. i like how that was three years ago! not a shocker that more of those thoughts are solidifying right now. you are hungry and restless for a reason. that means movement is coming soon and is happening now!

    awesome poem and thoughts!!

  3. He doesn’t fit into your dreams, but your dreams fit into Him. they were birthed in His heart long before they were birthed in yours.

    He’s got you, stace.

    • Hmm…when I first read this I was a little taken aback by your first thought ‘He doesn’t fit into your dreams’ because I want Him to. But then I kept reading and realized that you’re right…I fit into His dreams. He gave me my dreams and my passions. He created me for His dreams. I’m happier with that.

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