4 comments on “A Prayer: Part II

  1. My soul gets so weary when I have long time spans between reading scripture. Every part of me feels the affects, and I’m sure other people can feel it from me too. eek!! I need to rest for my soul in his word. I don’t know why I procrastinate. My soul feels better every time.

  2. this has been a struggle for me my entire life. i know i need the Word in order to really live. but i wish i hungered for it more than i do. i wish the desire was stronger. it often feels forced. (how’s that for confessions of a missionary?)

    i was always told that if i kept at it, the desire would come. it would get easier. but it never has.

    i know i have to push past all that and still read, still spend that time, still soak it in. i just wish it didn’t feel like such a “chore”.

    my heart’s prayer is that He’d continue to draw me to Him and reveal Himself to me through His Word… regardless of how i feel.

    • It often feels like a chore for me too. I hate that because I want to want spend that time. I KNOW it’s good for me. But I don’t always look forward to doing it. It’s a weird tension but I still WANT to get to know God and that means spending time in His word!

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