9 comments on “A Prayer: Part I

  1. Trust is the hardest and scariest word for me. I am not a person who trusts well, if even sometimes at all. This translates into my relationship with Christ. I hate that. I want to be a trusting person. Fear of pain and wounds seem to dictate my trust too often.

    I value trust so deeply. I crave trustworthiness as a staple to my character. This will be a life process for me.

  2. i’m enjoying my slow journey through this book. although it feels a bit like i jumped into the deep end. it all seems so very over my head in terms of practical reality. but it’s something i long for.

    trust is the achilles heel of my life. always has, and probably always will be. but i want to get better at it. i want to trust more today than i did yesterday.

    still being challenged by mother theresa’s words in the book — i don’t need clarity. i need trust.

    • Mother Theresa always challenges. And in your risking this year, you are trusting. Sometimes they go hand in hand. Maybe trust will be a by product of your risk..how cool would that be?

      And, maybe the deep end is only a perceived deep end right now. Maybe our eyes see it as deeper than it is because we limit ourselves are our abilities to trust (because of fear, human nature, sin, etc.) Maybe our trust is supposed to be radical. Now that scares me!

  3. Dang. I think I need to read this book. Well, maybe. 😉

    I love that prayer. Wow.

    I think I’ve always had trust issues. Once I realized that trust could be broken (and my naivity was shattered) I have never been the same.

    And I hate it.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I love that prayer. It’s a difficult thing to do…to place all that we are in His hands…to relinquish control to the One who is better equipped…

    The risk is scary…the reward is great.

    Thanks for this post!

    • I have to keep telling myself that the reward for risk is always worth it! Sometimes I’m able to do it, other times I’m not. I want to trust with everything I have. I want to place my first thoughts, fears, insecurities, loves, dreams into God’s hands and share them with Him. He is equipped to encourage me and guide me because He created me!

      Now, all I have to do is take the risk…

      Thanks for stopping by, Stacy!

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