8 comments on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

  1. Hey there,
    Great song BTW! Thanks for sharing! Also, In your post. mirror mirror on the wall like the words…”gut my puppet and restore the real me”. So true!:)

  2. “Let my struggles and weaknesses be reflected in Your perfect mirror.”

    mm. it’s so uncomfortable to look at imperfections in a perfect mirror. it’s so much easier to turn away and paint a pic of what you want to see. perfect mirrors just make me feel…imperfect to the max.

    • Agreed! I can always find a flaw when I look in a mirror…let alone the Perfect Mirror. But with Christ, our imperfections are covered, fixed, forgiven. That’s where I need to live.

  3. These are great verse versions. I like that the verse describes sorrow being included in both sides of life. There will be sorrow in this life.

    I wish I believed the mirror that God holds up for me.

  4. reminds me of the passage in james that says when i don’t respond with action to the Word it’s like looking at my face in the mirror and forgetting what i see.

    but not really because there’s a specific correlation. other than the word ‘mirror’.


    i digress…

    i’m striving to be more authentic — more ‘the real me’. first with myself, then with others. but ultimately with God. (as if He doesn’t already know…)

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