6 comments on “The Power of Shadows

  1. great image!!

    I like the sentence of rolling up your shadow. makes me think of Jesus always telling some one to pick up their mat and walk. More so than that, he was saying your sins are forgiven. I love that. He is about the shadows, he is so about our hearts.

  2. makes me think of that scene in the original peter pan (i think i’m totally dating myself here…) when wendy catches peter’s shadow, rolls it up, and hides it in a drawer…

  3. Interesting. I literally just finished a book where a good man’s shadow takes a life of its own because he is unable to deal with dying. His shadow becomes this monster that is always trying to consume light and life because it has no substance of its own.

    That and the first two lines of your proem make me think of how bizarre it truly is that we often are so simultaneously internally divided and wrapped up in our own selves that we can not see the person right next to us.

    • The last little blurb you said summarizes my proem perfectly. Our junk can overshadow someone else’s needs. Our experience can taint how we react to others. AND our mess can keep us from seeing someone as they are.

      And so weird you just finished a book about shadows!

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