8 comments on “Offering of Thanks

    • I picture God waiting patiently like the Prodigal son’s father. I didn’t write about this, but it’s also important to remember that God actively pursues. I suppose that contradicts ‘waiting patiently’…but God knows what we need when we need it (like your friend wrote about in her post). So, sometimes He may wait for us and other days He may tirelessly pursue us.

      What are you thanking Him for today, Alece?

      • i think i need Him to chase me down right now. i’m off to go walk the beach in the hopes He’ll meet me there.

        [i’ll be back later with my list of thanks…]

      • i’ve been thanking Him for…

        – the gift of being here
        – the generosity of those who love me
        – the richness of friendships in my life
        – the chance to sit on some rocks and listen to nothing but the waves for a looooooong time
        – what happens in the Grit’s comments (community)
        – glimpses of progress in my journey

  1. oh! and thank you for the reminder to give thanks. i don’t thank Him nearly enough. but today… today will be a day of gratitude. thank you for the nudge.

  2. Community and progress are such gifts. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if community has encouraged progress in you and your heart, alece. Thanks for your list! I love that you were able to get away and listen to the waves…such an exhale!

  3. “Give thanks to the Lord as He refines and sharpens you for your edge will cut the path for many to see Him.”

    fave line for sure!

    hard to be thankful for the sharpening and pruning, but know it will yield some fruit. I hope that points others to him.

    what are you thankful for? your own question.

    • – great friends who fight for the best for me even when I don’t

      – books, books, and books

      – the opportunities that have been given me in the past: studying abroad, jobs, traveling

      – the faithfulness God has demonstrated in my life

      – knowing that ultimately, there is a reason for everything

      – God creates goodness from all things

      – Larry

      – power and food during this storm!

      What are you thankful for today?

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