4 comments on “Two Cents Tuesday: Tattoos

  1. I have a tatoo that I got on my ankle. It says “believe” in arabic.

    There are two different reasons for the tatoo. Believing in God is what my life is about. It is what i want my life to be centered, reflected out of my heart, and associated with me. I also struggle with believing God a lot because of my own fears and long pattern of self-sufficiency. The opposite of believing is relying on myself, for me. I want to get out of my self and into believing that which i cannot see, but understand and know.

    it’s in arabic, because I love the middle east. I spent time traveling around Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel. I had some amazing experiences over there for me. My family is also Lebanese, so there is more of me in that.

    Get one!!

  2. i grew up in a family that instilled in me the mindset that tattoos are wrong. i was taught that it’s a moral issue, not a preference or opinion issue. so it was a significant thing when i chose to get mine.

    i have the hebrew word shalom on the inside of my wrist. i got it because i fell in love with the promise in its literal translation: nothing missing, nothing broken. i wanted a visual reminder of the wholeness and completeness God has for me. and i got it at a time that i felt nothing but the opposite of that.

    i’d like to get another one. i’m still mulling over what i’d like, and at some point i’ll find someone to play around with it artistically. i’m visual. i need to see it. but i’m planning to get it on my ankle.

    i think because of your medical history, you probably shouldn’t get one. but i may not know enough about either your situation or the procedure to really know.

    have i said too much?

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